Teammate Bios:

Bruce Mayrand

Meet your MCE teammate, Bruce Mayrand.Bruce is 40 years of age and lives in Howell with his wife Paula.When he is not swimming, biking or running he runs his own law practice.

When did you join MCE?  November 2014.

​​Why did you join?  I was new to triathlon at that time and wanted to get better by surrounding myself with like-minded individuals.I saw the group at the Island Lake triathlon and decided to join.MCE has been great, it’s awesome when you are at a race and see all your teammates out on the course supporting and cheering each other on.

​​Why triathlon?  I enjoy this sport because it’s a challenge.I like that it is also a life style.Training for an Ironman requires “consistency and frequency”.I also enjoy making myself better and improving every day.It’s all about the journey.

​​Where is your favorite place to train?  I love Kensington and Island Lake.When the weather is nice you can pretty much find me there any day.

​​What is your favorite race?  Mont Tremblant, I have done the 70.3 two times and this year will be competing in the full Ironman in August.I love the race because the location is amazing! Awesome scenery, the course is closed to traffic and the run is great.It’s a challenging course but I love the location and they put on a top-notch show.

​​What are your goals for 2020?  My goals are to get myself health, I was injured for pretty much the entire season last year and it was really difficult.I would also love to qualify for 70.3 Worlds in Utah for 2021.

​​What races will you be doing in 2020?  I currently plan on 70.3 Ohio, IM Mont Tremblant and 70.3 Memphis in addition to the usual local races.
My name is Dan Lynch.I am almost 40 years old and I live in Novi.I have three kids; 7 (Carli), 14 (Theiss) and 16 (Braylen) and a wife, Angel, who still says she loves me! When I’m not working out, I’m a Custom Home Builder, Lynch Custom Homes.

​​When did you join MCE? Part of the original grass roots team

​​Why did you join?  I had not been a part of a team since Water Polo in college and I was sick of injuring myself trying to run a fast marathon times.Roman opened my eyes to a new way of training that was really good for me, frequency and consistency rather than “all out, all the time.”MCE was my place to learn from a knowledgeable coach and experienced likeminded athletes.I didn’t realize how many new friends I was going to make!

​​Why endurance sports?  My motivations have evolved.Though I don’t race triathlons and only do ultras currently, the ability to push my mind and body to its limits is intriguing.There is nothing in life that I have found to substitute the feeling you get when you accomplish something that seemed basically impossible.I think I actually enjoy suffering for hours on the trails more than basically anything I can think of.

​​Where is your favorite place to train?  This is hard, I love training.I love finding new spots I haven’t been before.Locally, I like running at Highland Recreation, it’s the best trail around hands down.But my favorite training sessions are “Beat Monday” trips, where we leave on Friday after work and go as far and hard as you can before getting back to work on Monday.

​​What is your favorite race?  My most memorable race is my first 100 miler in northern Quebec.

​​What are your athletic goals for 2020?  Explore New Places and Push My Limits!Finish UTMB in less than 40 hours.Run/hike/crawl many many many miles of trails with friends!

​​What races will you be doing in 2020?  The only race on my calendar is Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, UTMB.It’s been a 4 year plan to gain entry into this race, now it’s time to execute.

Dan Lynch

Chad Kirby

My name is Chad Kirby.  I am 39 years old and I live in Fowlerville with my wife Betsy and two kids, Chase (16) and Chloe (8). I also have an energetic chocolate Lab, her name is Cocoa!  She loves to run on the trails!  

​​When did you join MCE?  December 2019  

​​Why did you join?  I joined the team to push myself to the best of my ability with the help of all the great team members at MCE.

​​Why endurance sports?  I enjoy the feeling of accomplishing your goals after all the hard work and dedication you put into training.

​​Where is your favorite place to train?  Pinckney recreation, Potawatomi trail.  I also enjoy Kensington and Island Lake.

​​What is your favorite race?  Although I have not done many races thus far, my favorite has been the Metro Health, Grand Rapids Marathon.  I look forward to trail races in near future.

​​What are your goals for 2020?  My goals are to get myself healthy, complete my first full Marathon in May and push myself to my fullest potential.

​​What races will you be doing in 2020?  I plan on racing Trail Weekend & Run Woodstock in Pinckney, Bayshore Marathon in Traverse City, and 70.3 in Memphis (Runner in Relay)

Josh Mietelski

Meet your MCE teammate, Josh Mietelski.  Josh is 42 years of age and lives in Dexter with his wife Renee and 2 daughters, Ainsley (8) and Isla (5).  When he is not swimming, biking or running; he manages the RunningFit store in Northville.

​​When did you join MCE?  January 2020

​​Why did you join?  I’ve been a solo trainer all my life, for many reasons.  Sometimes I just prefer to train on my own, other times I’m just not comfortable training in a group.  That’s until I got the opportunity to train with and around MCE.  I absolutely love the team feel.  I feel like I’m around friends & family…around a group of athletes I can learn from.  For the first time in my training career, I found myself wanting to be a part of the group.

​​Why triathlon?  2 things I’m absolutely obsessed with – the grind and adapting.  I love the grind of training…and I love watching it all come together come race day.  I also love the thrill of race day - the fact that we all pour our hearts and souls into training for this sport, and a particular race, with the expectation that everything will go right.  Then, often times it doesn’t and we’re left to think, adapt, make changes & move forward.

​​Where is your favorite place to train?  Outside…anywhere, anytime…preferably when it’s unbearably hot and humid.

​​What is your favorite race?  My favorite race is a race I haven’t done before.  I prefer to try new locations.  I’d have to list Steelhead because it’s a MI race and I’ve done it 5-6 times.

​​What are your goals for 2020?  3 goals – break 3:30 in a marathon, set a PR in an Ironman and complete 3 Ironmans this year.

What races will you be doing in 2020?  IM Lake Placid, IM Wisconsin & IM Arizona…so far.

Patrick Manning

Hi.  My name is Patrick Manning and I live in Commerce Twp.  I’ll be 54 this summer (Yikes!) and started triathlons four years ago when I transitioned from a mountain bike to a road bike.  I’m married with two kids in college.

When did you join MCE? Fall of 2018.

Why did you join?  When I signed up for my first 70.3 (the Traverse City August 2019 event) I thought I should become a bit more serious with training.  I wanted a coach to teach me correctly and a team to share the pain.

Why endurance sports?  I’m not sure !!  The first thing I said after crossing the finish line at Traverce City Iron Man was “never again”  (the clean version), but 30 days later I was itching to train for another.  I’m an old mountain biker so I find I enjoy the bike rides quite a bit.  I’ve always enjoyed short runs and the swimming I tolerate.  Somehow putting them all together provides a challenge I like.  It certainly doesn’t hurt that I stay fit this way.

Where is your favorite place to train?  Island lake.

What is your favorite race?  It may be an Olympic distance event.

What are your athletic goals for 2020?  Continue to stay fit and keep my wife happy with a balanced lifestyle.

What races will you be doing in 2020?  Well, my second 70.3 was supposed to be March Puerto Rico, but Covid 19 interrupted that event.  Training hard over the winter and then ‘no prize’ at the end has burst my bubble for the long event.  I’ll probably do a few Sprint or Olympic events instead.  I am also currently signed up for the M22 Challenge (Sleeping Bear Dunes Run, Bike, Kayak) and am interested in doing the Make A Wish 300 mile/3 day bike ride in July.